Tips For Freelance Writers to Keep Up With the Trends in Content Marketing

As a freelance writer, staying current with various trends is crucial to finding work and maintaining high standards over the course of their career.

Staying informed can be done in various ways; one way is subscribing to industry newsletters which can offer inspiration, tools and insider knowledge for freelance writers.

Social media

Social media offers writers a powerful opportunity to promote their work and connect with prospective clients, but they must first become knowledgeable of all of its platforms and tools in order to ensure their content is effective – particularly when working with new, demanding audiences who expect quality writing with high levels of professionalism.

As well as using social media to promote their work, freelance writers can also leverage it to form communities of like-minded professionals within the industry. Twitter chats, LinkedIn connections and private groups provide excellent platforms for freelancers to build such an infrastructure; furthermore these communities may help them learn more about writing techniques to further hone their craft and improve writing abilities.

LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource for business-oriented writers. The users tend to be highly educated and higher income, making LinkedIn an excellent way to find gigs. Furthermore, connecting with readers on LinkedIn allows authors to connect and share content. To maximize effectiveness on LinkedIn it is crucial that a profile that represents what you do as well as including a cover photo is created.

Freelance writers must stay abreast of industry trends to stay ahead of client hiring practices in the future. E-commerce, for instance, is expanding rapidly and many companies require freelancers to create content for their websites. Furthermore, freelance writers should prioritize writing pieces which have direct bearing on client businesses when possible.

Freelance writing can be both rewarding and challenging. Finding steady work requires networking and marketing efforts. Therefore, it is wise to develop a plan that includes multiple ways of marketing your services such as attending events, emailing editors directly or joining writing groups – you could even join ContentGrow, which matches clients with professional inbound writers at discounted rates.


Keep abreast of trends in content marketing whether you are an established freelance writer or just getting started, because staying abreast of them can help your business flourish and position yourself as an authority on a given subject-matter. Content marketing involves producing and disseminating valuable, engaging material to attract and retain customers – an extremely powerful tool used by businesses of any size to promote products and services while building brand recognition and authority. To stay abreast of the latest trends, learn how to identify your target audience, select appropriate formats for content production, and craft catchy headlines – in order to remain abreast of trends!

As part of your freelance writer job duties, it’s also important to keep abreast of the evolving SEO landscape. With Google’s algorithms constantly adapting and new technologies and platforms coming online all of the time, freelance writers should stay abreast of current SEO best practices to ensure their content is optimized for search engines.

One effective way to stay abreast of content marketing trends is through reading industry-specific publications and attending industry-related conferences. Furthermore, tracking your content’s performance and making data-driven decisions will allow you to improve its quality while increasing visibility in search engine results pages.

As part of your keyword research strategy, investing in tools like Answer the Public and Moz can be very useful. These provide access to data on what are commonly searched terms while paid tools like Ahrefs offer even more detailed search term information.

Freelance writers can take advantage of content marketing trends by understanding their clients’ needs and producing relevant, informative material for them to publish online. This will increase visibility, attract new customers, establish them as thought leaders in their field, and ultimately help to grow their freelance writing businesses over time by building trusting relationships with clients.

Staying current with SEO trends doesn’t need to be difficult for freelance writers; by following these tips they can produce more effective content while sharpening their SEO copywriting abilities.

Content marketing

Freelance writers can use content marketing to expand their visibility and attract new clients. However, freelancers must remember it takes time to monitor trends, produce relevant material and adhere to an editorial schedule; that’s why having an action plan in place can help freelance writers stay on course with their marketing strategy.

Content can help build your reputation as an expert in your field while keeping up with online marketing trends. SEO plays an essential role in content marketing; however, when selecting keywords to rank for as part of SEO it is also crucial that target audiences and keywords relevant to this target are taken into consideration – these factors will ultimately determine if your content marketing efforts will be successful or not.

Content creation should focus on crafting articles that provide valuable and informative articles for readers to access again and share on social media. Furthermore, creating cornerstone articles based on your brand’s core messages could form the cornerstones of your content marketing strategy and will become essential pieces of knowledge to your audiences.

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most successful means of driving traffic and sales for many businesses, producing 3x more leads at 62% lower costs compared to traditional marketing approaches according to SparkDynamics research. Thus it should come as no surprise that content marketing should be one of their top priorities.

Freelance writers who possess multiple writing-related skills can bring more value to their clients, which could make them attractive prospects. A freelancer with expertise in writing blog posts, social media updates and web copy can be an invaluable asset to smaller companies that cannot afford full-time writers.

As well as offering various writing services, freelance writers offer additional valuable services, including editing and proofreading. In addition to designing websites and social media accounts for clients, they may provide training or coaching to help grow their businesses further.


Copywriting is the art of crafting persuasive written content to encourage people to take a desired action, such as buying something or signing up for something. This form of marketing can take place through social media, email and websites. Copywriters should be knowledgeable of current marketing trends and know how best to implement them while also producing text which evokes emotions in their audiences and is grammar correct.

Networking can help keep up with copywriting trends, and one effective method for doing this is networking. Networking allows you to find work and meet other people in the industry – whether you’re an established copywriter or just starting out! Start by asking friends and family for recommendations before approaching small businesses in your area with offers to write for free in exchange for experience – this gives you an invaluable chance to build up your portfolio while gaining invaluable skillset.

As well as networking, attending copywriting conferences and seminars is another great way to stay up-to-date with current trends. Not only can these events provide networking opportunities with other writers but they’re also great ways to gain inspiration from each other’s experiences, helping you discover what kind of topics interest you most in writing about.

As a freelance writer, it’s crucial that you know how to craft engaging copy that can bring in clients. Staying abreast of current copywriting trends will give your writing an edge against competitors and increase revenue streams. Many may perceive SEO as something only techies understand but its complexity shouldn’t intimidate.

To maximize the results of your copywriting, it is key that you reach readers at their level. Avoid jargon and buzzwords which could confuse readers; industry-specific language should only be used if absolutely necessary; for instance an accountant’s website might need to mention P11D benefits in every sentence but that does not have to happen at every turn.

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