Best Practices for Building Client Relationships as a Freelance Copywriter

Building long-term client relationships is essential to managing a freelance business successfully, helping secure income stability while unleashing your best work.

A great copywriter understands how to treat their clients as partners, listening actively and responding promptly when feedback and concerns are voiced, all while producing quality work.

1. Get to Know Your Clients

Finding clients is essential if you want to pursue copywriting as a career, but looking at it from a relationship-based approach will help avoid falling into client search traps.

Undoubtedly, investing early on in building relationships is one of the best ways to ensure repeat business from your clients. This means identifying and meeting client expectations early on as well as making working together as seamless as possible.

Start conversations in the right places is key to finding your ideal clients. Find where your ideal clients congregate (social media groups are an ideal setting) and reach out with a short yet value-packed introduction – if they respond, ask if they want to join on a discovery call and invite them over!

As part of building your career as a freelance copywriter, reaching out to current and past freelance copywriters is also invaluable – don’t underestimate the power of an effective contract! A well-drafted contract sets realistic expectations up front to prevent confusion later down the road.

Remember to stay in contact! Make it a habit of checking in with current clients every three months or so and sending a quick text/DM asking how they’re doing and what projects are currently underway – not only will this strengthen relationships but will demonstrate that you care beyond just the scope of individual projects, strengthening trust between client and copywriter.

2. Make Yourself Available

As a freelance copywriter, client relationships are vitally important. Without strong client connections, it may feel as if all you’re doing each month is applying for jobs instead of actually producing any content. So how can you build strong and long-term client relationships?

Make yourself available by reaching out to friends and family in business; see if any have any need for copywriting assistance; don’t force it if they aren’t interested; just let them know you are actively looking for clients and ready to write for them.

Start posting to online job boards like Upwork to begin building your portfolio and gaining client feedback. Although these may not always pay as well as traditional work opportunities, they will give you an opportunity to test out different industries while gathering testimonials from clients.

Once you’ve developed some experience under your belt, announce on social media that you’re accepting freelance copywriting clients – this will allow you to reach a wider audience quickly.

Be sure to offer upsell services whenever possible. For instance, when writing blog posts for clients, consider offering to promote it on social media for them or create lead magnets as downloads as ways of making extra money while also showing that you care about their business and are offering your best efforts. This is an effective way of increasing customer retention while simultaneously making additional profit and showing that your client knows that you put their needs first.

3. Get to Know Your Client’s Business

Acquainting yourself with your client’s business is more than casual conversation – it involves understanding their industry and company culture, how they make money, their priorities when choosing partners and measures of success. By understanding all this information about them and learning their industry you will ensure the highest-quality services are rendered, leaving customers satisfied.

Understanding your clients’ businesses also offers you the chance to expand and upsell your services. For instance, if they hire you to write blog posts for them, why not offer social media management or graphics design as additional services that earn extra income while showing clients you care about their success. Doing so could bring both parties more money as well as establish long-term relationships between service providers.

An understanding of your client’s competitors is also key in providing insights that help your clients stand out in their industry. Doing this allows you to see where they’re succeeding or falling short; and may give rise to new ideas which help make their product or service unique and stand out.

As important, it’s also vital that you build rapport and get to know the personal lives of your clients as this will enable you to build trust between you both, making sure their business stays confidential. Furthermore, this gives an opportunity for you to show them you care about them as individuals.

4. Communicate With Your Clients

Once you’ve signed on a client, ensure they remain informed throughout their project by offering clear contracts with clearly laid out scope of work and deliverables as well as discussing payment terms prior to commencing work so there’s no room for confusion or miscommunication down the road.

Maintaining client relations requires keeping them updated on the progress of their project, whether that be through emails or phone calls. When roadblocks arise, be sure to inform them right away that something is preventing progress – it shows them you care about their business and are determined to find a solution as soon as possible.

As with clients, it’s also crucial to regularly check in with them to assess how they’re progressing and whether any adjustments need to be made to the original scope of work. While this can take up your time and energy, doing this demonstrates your appreciation of feedback from clients while meeting their needs.

Maintaining strong client relationships can help expand your freelance copywriting business by giving you references for new prospects and existing clients alike. Furthermore, strong relationships can increase referrals by existing clients who trust that you will provide high-quality writing services on time and within budget. So start building them now!

5. Keep Your Clients in the Loop

Stable clients are key to creating a prosperous freelance or agency copywriting career, whether as an independent freelancer or member of an agency. Securing long-term clients allows you to focus on writing more often rather than searching for work every month; plus it builds your portfolio while giving you valuable experience!

As such, it’s crucial that you keep your clients up-to-date with the status of their projects through regular email or phone updates or discussions regarding progress and any challenges that arise during implementation. Being transparent throughout this process will foster trust between yourself and your clients that ultimately results in results being delivered successfully.

At the outset of any client relationship, setting clear expectations will help avoid miscommunication or conflict later on. A detailed contract that outlines payment terms, project timelines and deliverables could do this easily.

Finally, it’s essential that you treat your clients with dignity and professionalism at all times. This involves promptly replying to emails and providing information or feedback when requested. Furthermore, making emails as informative and user-friendly as possible for clients can also be achieved by writing direct communications that get straight to the point while using bullet points when relevant.

6. Ask for Feedback

At times it can be easy to become defensive in response to constructive feedback; however, copywriters simply can’t please everyone and if you want a successful career in copywriting then accepting constructive advice and making improvements are vital components.

Instead of giving instant responses when receiving draft copy, take some time to carefully consider and consider each comment before responding. This allows you to clarify any points that were unclear, highlight improvements and tweaks you think would enhance the final copy, and identify areas for potential improvements or tweaks that might benefit it.

As a freelance copywriter, it’s also crucial that you request feedback and offer regular reports to clients about their project’s development. This ensures they stay informed while also showing them you care about delivering work that meets standards.

If you need assistance soliciting feedback, copywriting agencies offer valuable services that may help. They offer invaluable insights on how to make your copy better while building relationships with clients.

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